Introduction to Radiation Detectors and Electronics

Helmuth Spieler

Lecture Notes - Physics 198, Spring Semester 1998 - UC Berkeley

Table of Contents

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   Preface (8K)

I. Introduction (10KB)

  1. Why?
  2. Some Applications

II. Functional Components of a Detector System (20K)

III. Scintillation Detectors (643K)

IV. Energy Deposition and Spectrum Formation in the Detector (409K)

V. Semiconductor Detectors - Part I

  1. Principles of Semiconductor Detectors (440K)
  2. Signal Amplification (72K)
  3. Resolution and Signal-to-Noise Ratio (237K)
  4. Pulse Shaping (257K)
  5. Timing Measurements (117K)

VI. Position-Sensitive Detectors (222K)

VII. Digitization of Pulse Height (67K)

VIII. Semiconductor Detectors - Part II

  1. The Detector Signal (797K)
  2. A Semiconductor Device Primer
  3. Bipolar Transistors (153K)
  4. Field Effect Transistors (360K)
  5. Noise in Transistors (163K)
  6. Rate of Noise Pulses in Threshold Discriminator Systems (34K)
  7. Photodiodes (131K)

IX. Development of a Tracker Concept (746K)

X. Why Things Don't Work (410K)

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