Analog and Digital Electronics for Detectors

Helmuth Spieler

Lecture Notes - ICFA Instrumentation School

Itacuruca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil -- Dec. 8 - 19, 2003

(files in PDF format)

    I. Introduction (985KB)

    II. Signal Processing Part 1 (616KB)

    III. Signal Processing Part 2 (375kB)

    IV. Detector Systems - Conflicts and Compromises (7.4MB)

    V. Why Things don't Work (451KB)

    Appendices (520kB)

    1. Phasors and Complex Algebra in Electrical Circuits 2
    2. Equivalent Circuits 5
    3. Noise Spectral Densities 10
    4. Signal-to-Noise Ratio vs. Detector Capacitance 15
    5. Noise in Transistors 19
    6. Rate of Noise Pulses in Threshold Discriminator Systems 36

Evening Lecture

Next-Generation CMB Experiments and Technology (17.1MB)