Radiation Detectors and Signal Processing

Helmuth Spieler

Lecture Notes - XV. Heidelberger Graduate Lectures in Physics

University of Heidelberg -- Oct. 10 - 14, 2005

(files in PDF format)

    I. Introduction (10.5MB)

    II. Signal Formation and Detection Thresholds (2.7MB)

    III. Electronic Noise (430kB)

    IV. Signal Processing (1.7MB)

    V. Digital Electronics and Signal Processing (500kB)

    VI. Amplifying Devices and Microelectronics (15MB)

    VII. Detector Systems - Conflicts and Compromises (3.1MB)

    VIII. Why Things Donít Work or Why S/N Theory Often Seems to be Irrelevant (1.9MB)

    IX. Next Generation CMB Experiments and Technology (26MB)