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Abbreviation /Acronym
AHD Activity Hazard Document For work with particular serious hazards identified in Pub 3000
HEAR Hazards, Equipment, Authorizations and Review (Database) Form used to identify hazards and hazard controls
ISM Integrated Safety Management The umbrella EH&S program for the Lab
JHQ Job Hazard Questionnaire To identify training needs
LAS Low Activity Source Document For work with low activity/exempt sealed sources
LSAD Laboratory Self-Assessment Database Used to track deficiencies and corrective actions
MESH Management of Environment, Safety, and Health Triennial review of a division's ISM program by the SRC
NCARS Non-Compliance Report showing violations of waste disposal regulations
RWA Rodiological Work Authorization For long term work with radioactive materials
RWP Radiological Work Permit For short term work with radioactive materials/radiation
SAA Satellite Accumulation Area For hazardous, radioactive and mixed waste
SAAR Supervisor's Accident Analysis Report Report filled out when there is an injury or accident
SAD Safety Analysis Document Hazard review of major facilities
SRC Laboratory Safety Review Committee Advisory Committee
SSA Sealed Source Authorization For work with sealed radioactive sources only
WSS Work Smart Standards The comprehensive set of EH&S regulations adopted by the Lab