Research Progress Meeting Organization

RPM Committee

Email the RPM Committee

Alessandra Ciocio (Chair)
Phone: (510)495-8183; MailStop: 50B6222; LBNL Office Location: 50B-6208B

Greg Aldering
Phone: (510)495-2203; MailStop: 50R5032; LBNL Office Location: 50-5053

Cheng-Ju Stephen Lin
Phone: (510)486-4693; MailStop: 50R6008; LBNL Office Location: 50-5006A

Administrative Support

Troy Cortez
Phone: 486-5169; MailStop: 50A-5104; LBNL Office Location: 50A-5104

RPM Scheduling

RPM Scheduling includes all scheduled and suggested talks, even talks not yet agreed upon.

SLAC Experimental Seminars for coordination of talks with SLAC.

LBNL Directory for discussing RPM's with locals.

inSPIRE for planning RPM's worldwide.

Guidelines for RPM Speakers, Chairs, and Dinner Hosts

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