Title: Very High Energy Particle Astronomy with the All-sky Survey High Resolution Air-shower Detector (Ashra)


The Ashra detector consists of three observational stations installed on the grid of 30-40km distance on the mountains in Hawaii, which ensures a large target mass for neutrinos and a large effective aperture for UHECR. An observational station is composed of 12 wide-angle high-precision telescopes, which can completely cover all-sky view. In realizing the telescope design, we newly apply the following techniques matured in other fields: 1) Baker-Nunn optics optimized to maintain better than 1 arcmin. resolution in 50-degree field of view; 2) Electrostatic lens image-intensifier tube (IIT) with resolution matched with that of the above optics;, 3) gated IIT with a fast image shutter; and 4) CMOS image sensor which reads triggered images out of the above IIT. These novel techniques allow us an excellent opportunity for simultaneous observation of air fluorescence and Cerenkov lights with 1 arcmin resolution in entirely all sky. This will open a new field,"Observational Particle Astronomy," by continuously observing TeV gamma-rays, VHE-neutrinos, knee-CR, and UHECR with the energies from TeV to ZeV in all sky.