Title: Constraint on Neutrino Mass with Galaxy Surveys


The finite mass of neutrinos is only one evidence which shows the standard model of particle physics is violated. It is rather intriguing to know the absolute mass scale of neutrinos, since the mass square differences between different mass eigenstates are measured through neutrino oscillations. As a route to access the absolute mass scale of neutrinos, cosmological observations are attractive tools which have already provide us the most stringent upper bound on the neutrino masses. Especially, we can gain the wealthy information on the neutrino masses from the large-scale structure of the universe combined with the cosmic microwave background anisotropies. In this talk I will focus on the clustering of galaxies and discuss the prospects on the neutrino mass with the on-going or future galaxy surveys proposed to reveal the nature of dark energy. In particular, I will discuss the modeling of nonlinear structure formation correctly including the effect of massive neutrinos based on perturbation theory approach. In addition I will present an attempt to carefully apply our model to the existing data of galaxy surveys and compare our results with the constraint obtained with empirical approach to nonlinear modeling.