Title: Solving a Great Puzzle: Search for New Physics and the Higgs Boson


Hadron colliders produced some of the most exiting discoveries in particle physics. The W and Z bosons were observed for the first time at the SPS in CERN. The most recent discovery of the top quark happened at the Tevatron in Fermilab. These colliders played a key role in establishing the Standard Model. Now experiments at the Tevatron and LHC are on the hunt for the last missing particle of the Standard Model, the Higgs boson, and search for signs of new physics beyond the Standard Model. During my seminar, I will present results of a search for new physics in the final state with two photons and missing transverse energy and the first observation of diboson production in the final state with two jets and missing transverse energy at the CDF experiment. I will focus on novel experimental techniques that were developed and applied in these analyses and discuss potential for their applications in Higgs searches at CDF and future measurements at ATLAS. I will also present new ideas for precise di-tau mass reconstruction that can lead to significant improvements in the Higgs boson searches in di-tau channel at CDF and ATLAS.