Title: Counterterroroism and Science and Technology


Over the last 10 years, there has been significant worry about the threat and impact of terrorism against the United States here at home, and U.S. interests abroad. With increasing frequency, we have felt the effect of our adversaries in major events such as the attacks in Oklahoma City, New York, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Tanzania and Yemen. The events of 9/11/02 should have proven to us finally that we are not invulnerable, and must take the security of our homeland and interests abroad seriously, and do so from a proactive and comprehensive perspective. We should do so with our eyes wide open and a firm national commitment, and with a long-term commitment to preventing, reducing, mitigating and recovering from acts of terrorism. Science and technology has a critical role to play in providing the tools, capabilities and knowledge we need to address problems before they become such, best protect ourselves when the threat is coming at us, best defend ourselves when we are attacked and provide us the ability to quickly recover and attribute the event for subsequent response. The speaker will provide his and FBI perspectives on the current threat, and scientific and technological opportunities to strengthen our responses and defenses in "homeland security".