Title: A Universal Particle: The Higgs Boson at ATLAS from the WW Perspective

Abstract: The discovery and measurement of a Higgs boson has been a centerpiece of the Run I LHC physics program. The question of whether it is indeed the Standard Model Higgs boson is a priority for the ATLAS and CMS experiments. Its properties are well-described by the Standard Model within the precision of current measurements, but much remains to be learned. Analysis of the WW decay mode of the Higgs boson at ATLAS provides the best single-channel interaction strength measurements from Run 1 of the LHC. I will review key recent developments in this channel, including results for the gluon fusion and vector-boson fusion Higgs boson production modes. Run 2 of the LHC just is around the corner, so I will also motivate and describe searches for additional Higgs bosons and for rarer production modes using the WW final state.