Title: Current Status of BABAR


The Babar experiment has been built at SLAC to exploit PEP-II, a high luminosity asymmetric e+e- collider which operates at the Upsilon (4S) resonance (B factory). It has been designed to measure time-dependent CP asymmetries in the decays of neutral B mesons, whose interpretation in the Standard Model is directly related to the parameters of the CKM mixing matrix. The original idea of an asymmetric collider was proposed by Pier Oddone back in 1987, and ever since then LBNL has been playing a major role in this project. The experiment has been running for about a year and as of last week, BaBar has logged data, which corresponds to 9 million Upsilon(4S)-->BBbar decays in flight. This talk is a research progress report from the BaBar experiment, with emphasis on the detector performance, and the near future physics prospect