Title: "The B_s Mixing Search and Godel's Theorem


The status of B$^0$ mixing results and their theoretical implications will be reviewed. Following a summary of the measurements of the B$_d - \overline{\mbox{B}}_d$ oscillation frequency $\Delta m_d$, the experimental challenges involved in observing B$_s - \overline{\mbox{B}}_s$ oscillations will be discussed. Particular emphasis will be given to the SLD B$_s$ mixing analyses. The excellent 3D resolution of the SLD pixel vertex detector and the highly polarized SLC electron beam are exploited to yield a sensitivity to $\Delta m_s$ comparable with the combined LEP average. With the Standard Model predicting the value of the B$_s - \overline{\mbox{B}}_s$ oscillation frequency to be just beyond the current world experimental lower limit, the prospects for improving the $\Delta m_s$ reach will be discussed.