Title: Search for Standard Model Higgs and Continuum ZZ Producion in the Dilepton + Neutrino Final State at the Energy Frontier

Abstract: The Higgs boson is the consequence of the most economic spontaneous symmetry breaking mechanism and has not been found yet. Higgs hunting is thus one of the highlights of the Tevatron and LHC physics programs. I will describe new developments at CDF to enhance the probability of Higgs observation in two aspects: the expanded lepton coverage algorithm and the event probability discriminator calculation using the Matrix Element method. The improvements lead to an observed (expected) 95% C.L. limit for Higgs production a factor of 2(3) from the standard model prediction with 1.9fb-1 data accumulated in ppbar collisions at center of mass energy 1.96TeV. The same technique is also applied to a continuum ZZ production search and the results are combined with four lepton channel.