Title: Small Scale CMB: First Glimpse and Prospects from Atacama Cosmology Telescope


The observations of Cosmic Microwave Background have played an important role in revolutionizing our understanding of the Universe. They do not only allow us in probing the beginning, the age and the geometry of the Universe, but also enable us to understand the contents of the Universe. The Atacama Cosmology Telescope (ACT), is a new microwave telescope built in the Atacama desert in Chile which commenced observations in November 2007. By combining ACT observations with multiwavelength observations such as Sloan Digital Sky Survey and Blanco Cosmology Survey, we will probe not only the physics of the early universe, but also the process of growth and assembly of galaxies and large scale structure I will not only give an update on status of ACT, but also describe the science prospects of the measurements combining with multiwavelength observations.