Title: The Coyote Universe: Precision Simulations of the Large Scale Structure of the Universe


Future cosmological observations targeted at investigations of dark energy pose stringent requirements on the accuracy of theoretical predictions for the clustering of matter. Currently, N-body simulations comprise the only viable approach to this problem. In this talk I will introduce the "Coyote Universe", a simulation suite of almost 1000 simulations, carried out to obtain high-precision predictions for large scale structure probes of cosmology. In order to obtain sub-percent accurate predictions for different cosmological models, two major challenges have to be overcome: (i) showing that the nonlinear regime of structure formation can be predicted at the targeted scales at the required accuracy level, (ii) building a prediction scheme for statistical quantities of interest such as the matter power spectrum over a range of cosmologies at matching precision but from a restricted set of costly simulations. This talk describes our recent work overcoming these challenges.