Title: Rare Vector-Vector B Decays: A New Approach to Alpha and New Physics"

Abstract: Success of the B-factories now goes beyond the measurement of angle Beta of the Unitarity Triangle. The B-> Rho Rho decays provide constraints on angle Alpha comparable to all other available information. Their large decay rate and small penguin pollution have significant advantages over the B-> Pi Pi. The pure penguin decays B-> Phi K* are found to have polarization not consistent with expectations. Could this be a sign of New Physics? This opens a completely new approach to CP violation studies and search for New Physics that complements the time-dependent studies such as in B-> J/Psi K0 and Phi K0 decays. Most of the experimental results presented in this talk will be shown for the first time in parallel with being presented at the XXXIXth Moriond conference in the Italian Alps.