Title: Search for High Mass Standard Model Higgs at CDF


Comprehension of the electroweak symmetry breaking is one of the most important missing pieces of the particle physics as described by the Standard Model. Recent searches performed by the CDF experiment at the Tevatron Collider at Fermilab provide outstanding results that can shed light on Higgs boson before the LHC era. In this talk I will describe the search for the Higgs boson produced by gluon fusion, associated production or vector boson fusion and decaying into a pair of W bosons. I will present the experimental challenges, the analysis techniques implemented to separate signal from background and I will summarize the most recent results, which currently provide the best sensitivity for the Higgs mass greater than ~125 GeV/c^2. I will discuss the improvements expected in the next one or two years and the final CDF reaches for high mass Higgs.