Title: Measuring the Neutrino Luminosity of the Sun with the LENS Experiment

Abstract: The LENS detector is designed to be a real-time spectrometer sensitive to the sub-MeV part of the solar neutrino spectrum, incuding pp-neutrinos which dominate the solar neutrino flux. The objective of LENS is to measure the Neutrino Luminosity of the sun with high precision, which will allow testing of currrent standard and non-standard neutrino flavor conversion models along with the solar model in one experiment and might open doors to new physics. The experimental tool used is tagged capture of electron neutrinos on Indium 115 via charged current. Tremendous progress has been achieved in the detector design, In liquid scintillator chemistry and background rejection. A new type of liquid scintillator detector, the "Scintillation Lattice,"will provide extaordinary spatial resolution in a large mas of liquid scintillator. The feasibility of LENS with less than 200t of scintillator has been established.