Title: Electronuclear Fission Reactor and Neutrino Factory based on a Linear Collider


I report here two fresh proposals related to the use of the "spent" electron (or photon) beam of a linear collider (LC). (1) For the TESLA design, the spent electron (or photon) beam has a mean power of ~7.5 MW. This allows its use for initialization of sub-critical fission nuclear reactor to generate power, or for some other goal (like the known proposals of Rubbia, etc.). (2) In the standard beam dump, or in the process of transformation of the initial beam to an input for a fission reactor, a large neutrino flux will be generated with an energy range up to ~200 GeV (for the ILC500 design). The high-energy part of the flux will have small angular spread and its spectrum will be calculable with high accuracy. This will be a very good neutrino factory-much better than a muon collider, according to new estimates.