Title: Planck Revisited


The Planck satellite has provided us with beautiful all-sky maps in nine frequency bands from which the anisotropies in the cosmic microwave background have been measured with unprecedented precision. These measurements contain a wealth of information about cosmology as well as high energy physics. They constrain the composition and geometry of the universe, especially in combination with other astronomical data they constrain neutrino mass, and they directly probe the conditions in the universe before it became filled with a hot and dense plasma. The Planck maps will be the best all-sky data for the study of the cosmic microwave background for several years. To ensure we make the most of these remarkable data, independent analyses may be helpful, especially if they are done before the Planck team has completed their final analysis. I will present results of an independent measurement of the power spectrum from the nominal mission data performed with David Spergel and Renee Hlozek.