Title: "Spectroscopic Studies of Electron Neutrinos by Double Beta and Inverse Beta Decays of Mo-100"


Spectroscopic studies of two beta-rays from 100Mo are found to be of potential interest for investigating both the Majorana neutrino mass by neutrinoless double beta-decay and low energy solar neutrinos by inverse beta-decay. With a multi-ton 100Mo detector, coincidence studies of correlated double beta-rays from neutrinoless double beta decay, together with the large Q-value, permit identification of the neutrino-mass term with a sensitivity of m~ 0.03 eV. Delayed coincidence studies of the inverse beta-decay with the low threshold energy and the successive beta-decay of the short-lived 100Tc, together with the large measured GT strengths for the inverse beta-decay, make it possible to detect in real-time individual low energy solar neutrino in the same detector.