Title: Gauge-boson Physics with ATLAS at the LHC


The 14 TeV Large Hadron Collider at CERN is scheduled to come online in 2006, and will push the accelerator based energy frontier forward to the TeV scale. ATLAS is a multi-purpose experiment designed to take full advantage of the LHC physics potential. After a brief review of ATLAS and some current beam test performance results, the physics potential for the study of gauge-bosons will be presented with an emphasis on the prospects for measuring the triple gauge-boson couplings (TGC's). TGC's provide an open window to the very foundation of our understanding of electroweak physics. TGC's will be probed at unprecedented mass scales with LHC and measured with a precision typically an order of magnitude better than previous experiments. In addition, a new Monte Carlo technique for incorporating NLO QCD matrix elements into showering event generators will be briefly described, as the modeling of QCD corrections is particularly important for measurements of gauge-boson properties.