Title: MAJORANA: An Ultra-Low Background Enriched-Germanium Detector Array for Fundamental Physics Measurements"


The MAJORANA collaboration aims to perform a search for neutrinoless double-beta decay (0nbb) by fielding arrays of HPGe detectors mounted in ultra-clean electroformed-copper cryostats located deep underground. Recent advances in HPGe detector technology, in particular P-type Point-Contact (PPC) detectors, show great promise for identifying and reducing backgrounds to the 0nbb signal, which should result in improved sensitivity over previous-generation experiments. The ultra-low energy threshold possible in PPC detectors also enables a broader physics program including sensitive searches for dark matter and axions. The MAJORANA DEMONSTRATOR R&D program will field two ~20 kg modules of PPC detectors, with much of the detector mass enriched to 86% in 76Ge. I will present the motivation, design, recent progress and current status of this R&D effort, and discuss its physics reach.