Title: DAEdALUS: A Novel Approach to the Search for CP Violation in the Neutrino Sector


The DAEdALUS experiment provides a new approach to the search for CP violation in the neutrino sector. The design utilizes low-cost, high-power proton accelerators under development for commercial uses. These provide neutrino beams with energy up to 52 MeV from pion and muon decay-at-rest. The experiment searches for numubar to nuebar oscillations at short baselines corresponding to the atmospheric dm2 region. The neubar events will be detected, via inverse beta decay, in a large fiducial-volume, Gd-doped water Cherenkov neutrino detector. The beam provides a high-statistics, low-background alternative for CP violation searches which matches the capability of the conventional long-baseline neutrino experiments. Because of the complementary designs, when DAEdALUS antineutrino data are combined with long-baseline neutrino data, the sensitivity of the CP-violation search improves beyond any present proposals, including those of first generation superbeam experiments.