Title: Latest Results from the NEMO-3 Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Experiment and SuperNEMO Construction Status


The NEMO-3 experiment located in the Modane Underground Laboratory investigated neutrinoless double beta decay from 2003 to 2011. Seven isotopes were studied with the unique tracko-calo technique. The two most important in term of mass and sensitivity were the 100Mo (7kg) and the 82Se (1kg). No evidence for neutrinoless double beta decay has been observed but the limits set on the effective neutrino mass are among the best to date. The SuperNEMO detector plan to adopt the same strategy. It's first module, the Demonstrator, is under construction and will be installed in the Modane Underground Laboratory. It is expected to prove that the required background level and sensitivities of SuperNEMO can be met. Its scientific and technical specifications will be described as well as a status of the construction.