Title: Calorimeters for Precision Timing Measurements in High Energy Physics


Current and future high energy physics particle colliders are capable of providing instantaneous luminosities of 10^34 cm-2s-1 and above. We discuss how timing information with a precision of around 10 ps can aid the reconstruction of the physics events under such challenging conditions. We are currently exploring two alternative techniques, namely a) precision timing detection based on secondary emission with MCP detectors, and b) utilizing bright, fast scintillating materials such as LYSO. We present recent results from of a range of detector geometries performed at the Fermilab test beam facility, where we achieve resolutions around 20-30 psec. Finally, possible applications of precision timing in future high-energy physics experiments are discussed, with a focus on the R&D program of the CMS experiment upgrade for the LHC Phase 2 operations.